What is it gonna be?

We are working to provide the best online dictionary ever, covering all major languages. If something doesn't work, if something is annoying: don't hesitate and contact us.

Who stays behind Glosbe?

Well, there is a big community of people creating dictionaries in Glosbe and a big community of people using Glosbe and these people really make Glosbe. There is also a contribution of people who create the Glosbe software: our programmist team is small, it consists of two friends. We are located in Poland, we speak Polish and some English. If you wish to meet us or find anything more: contact us.

I like it! How can I help?

There are several ways you can help:

  • Tell your friends about us: tweet us, like us, link us etc.
  • If you have your own collection of translations you'd like to share - contact us.
  • Add new entries into dictionary. It is easy :).
  • Use our service. Seeing it's popular would give us power and motivation to upgrade it.

License and download

Some of data we present is licensed with CC-BY-SA, some is FDL, some comes with custom license. Data source is always indicated next to data if it is needed due to the license. "Download section" would be enabled when it is ready.

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